What is the difference between ComBase Browser and the ComBase models?

The ComBase Browser searches a database of kinetics of spoilage organisms and pathogens in broth and food. The data come from the scientific literature or were produced by miscellaneous institutions. The ComBase Predictor gives predictions from models based on selected data of the ComBase database as a function of environmental factors such as temperature, pH and water activity in broth.

What are the ComBase predictive models?

The ComBase predictive models consist on a set of free on-line applications for predicting the growth or inactivation of the organisms. Currently available models include:

- ComBase models, a set of models for predicting the response of a range of pathogens and spoilage microorganisms to key factors.

- Perfringens Predictor, an application for predicting the growth of Clostridium perfringens during the cooling of meats.

- Salmonella in egg, a model for predicting the growth of antibiotic resistant salmonella (Typhimurium DT104) in liquid egg products between 10°C and 42°C

Are there any costs associated with registration?

There is no cost associated with registering.

Why should I register?

We collect registration data for two main purposes: to gain information about the customer base, e.g. which part of the world or which industry or legislative agency are accessing the data; and also so that we can target users with new information, e.g. updates and improvements to ComBase. We do not disclose submitted details to third parties.

Are there any publications available on the topic?

A list of relevant publications can be viewed in the Publications section of this website.

Is it possible to download graphs from ComBase?

If you print the screen from the web browser directly, the result is not well scaled. However, there is a print icon that generates an html page that is more suitable for printing. Users can print this either as pdf or on a paper printer. The “print” icon is available for ComBase Predictor and Perfringens Predictor.

Is it possible to include a screenshot of ComBase predictions on teaching powerpoint slides?

You are welcome to use any ComBase related figures or data. Our general policy is that ComBase is totally open and free as long as the resource is used for training or research.

As a scientist interested in food safety, I am keen for the results of our research to reach a wide audience. Would it be possible for data that we have generated to be included in the ComBase database?

The success of ComBase relies on continuously adding new data. Therefore, we are pleased to help you submit data. Instructions, templates and videos are on the Donate Data page.

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