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The data and models that underpin ComBase are the result of the generous time and support provided of numerous individuals, companies, and organisations.



Coca ColaPlatinum sponsor

UnileverPlatinum sponsor

Advisory Group


Dr Paolo Daminelli, Veterinary Medical Officer

FDA  Dr Sherri Dennis, Senior Advisor for Science and Research
Nestle  Dr Mariem Ellouze, Food Safety Microbiology
   Dr Leon Gorris, Food Safety Expert
USDA  Dr Janell Kause, Scientific Advisor for Risk Assessment
Rutgers University  Dr Donald W Schaffner, Distinguished Professor

Scientific Group

Alejandro Amezquita  Unilever
Aline Metris Unilever
Anderson de Souza Sant'Ana Faculty of Food Engineering, University of Campinas
Andrea Moreno University Andreas Bello
Bruno Carciofi Federal University of Santa Catarina
Carmen Pin Astra Zeneca
Daniel Marin Hervías ComBase
Dennis L. Seman University of Wisconsin; DL Seman Consulting, LLC
Elena Cosciani Cunico Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della Lombardia e dell’Emilia Romagna
Greg Paoli Risk Sciences International
Indauê Mello The Coca-Cola Company
Joelle K Salazar US FDA
Jozsef Baranyi University of Debrecen, Hungary
Kang Zhou Food Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations
Koutsoumanis Kostas Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Karina Martino BASF
Mariem Ellouze Nestle
Matthias Filter Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR)
Mauricio Redondo Solano University of Costa Rica
Montserrat Hernández-Iturriaga Autonomous University of Queretaro
Peter McClure Mondelēz
Pradeep Malakar Fonterra
Sara Bover Cid IRTA
Scott Hood General Mills
Stephanie Nguyen Conagra
Udit Minocha USDA-FSIS
Vijay Juneja USDA-ARS
Viviana Cachicas Instituto de Salud Pública de Chile, Sección Microbiología de Alimentos
Yuhuan Chen US FDA




Mark Tamplin  Director
Daniel Marin Hervias Manager, Technical Operations
Anchana Dhilip Coordinator, Data Acquisition
Cheryl Forshee Data Acquisition
Dipon Sarkar Data Acquisition
James Stronach TIA Deputy Director, Strategy & Engagement
Kate Taylor TIA Senior Lead: Bioeconomy for Society



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The ComBase Browser enables you to search thousands of microbial growth and survival curves that have been collated in research establishments and from publications

The ComBase Predictive Models are a collection of software tools based on ComBase data to predict the growth or inactivation of microorganisms



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