The ComBase Browser enables you to search thousands of microbial growth and survival curves that have been collated in research establishments and from publications

The ComBase Predictive Models are a collection of software tools based on ComBase data to predict the growth or inactivation of microorganisms

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Below is a list of microbiology modelling tools. Some are provided as downloads (add-ins to excel), others are tools available to use online.

ComBase tools

These tools have been developed by the ComBase team.

  • ComBase demo for Excel It is supplied with servicing macros attached to the workbook. Note that the records in ComBase can be extracted automatically in a format suitable to use the DMFit program to fit growth curves.The demo version is also useful to submit new data.Please unzip the files in the same working directory and open all the three in Excel 2007. Always start to use it from the Master Sheet.
  • DMFit for Excel, an Excel add-in to fit log counts vs. time data and extract parameters such as growth/death rate and lag time/shoulder. It is based on Baranyi, J. & Roberts, T.A. (1994): A dynamic approach to predicting bacterial growth in food. Int. J. Food Microbiol. 23. 277-294.
  • Perfringens Predictor, an Add-in for Excel that provides a prediction of growth of Clostridium perfringens during the cooling of meats.The input is temperature and the output is viable count of C. perfringens. . This download includes a version for both Excel 2003 and 2007 or higher.

Other Predictive Microbiology Tools

ComBase has no responsibility for the accuracy of these Tools. They have been developed independently of ComBase and support is provided by the tool developer.

  • Seafood Spoilage Predictor, a software for the prediction of the shelf-life and growth of bacteria in different fresh and lightly preserved seafoods. Can be used also when the effect of product temperature profiles recorded over time by data loggers.
  • Pathogen Modelling Program, a package of models that can be used to predict the growth and inactivation of foodborne pathogens under various environmental conditions.
  • E. coli fermented meat model, a predictive model for the inactivation of Escherichia coli in fermented meats.
  • E. coli SafeFerment , predicting Verotoxin-producing Escherichia coli in fermented meats.
  • GlnAFit, an Excel Add-in to fit various models to bacterial inactivation curves.
  • Microbial Responses Viewer (MRV), a database consisting of microbial growth/no growth data derived from ComBase.
  • MicroHibro, an online tool to predict the growth of pathogens in a variety of vegetables. It also includes a risk assessment module.
  • MLA Refrigeration Index Calculator, to predict the expected log growth of E. coli on meat as affected by temperature and other environemntal factors.
  • Risk Ranger, a simple food safety risk calculation tool aiding to estimate the relative risks at different product, pathogen and processing combinations.
  • Salmonella Predictions, probabilistic and kinetics models are combined to give predictions on the concentration of Salmonella spp. at any stage of the pork chain under fluctuating pH, Aw and/or temperature.

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