Congratulations to the 2019 ComBase Data Donations Award winner
--Joelle Salazar and Ian Hildebrandt--

Between 30 March 2018 and 01 April 2019, this research team—based at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Division of Food Processing Science & Technology in Bedford Park, Illinois—donated a total of 324 data records. Ian, now a PhD student at Michigan State University, will use the $1000 to attend the 2019 IAFP annual meeting in Louisville, as well as other upcoming IAFP meetings.

We also wish to recognize the valuable contributions of the 2nd through 9th place data donors.

Jian Wu 252 records
Kostas Koutsoumanis 199 records
Panagiotis Skandamis 160 records
Michelle Danyluk 90 records
K Callaghan 60 records
Shigenobu Koseki 30 records
Barakat Mahmoud 30 records
Elena Cosciani-Cunico 29 records

Congratulations to all!